We’re looking for doctors who speak English.

In Italy, millions of tourists, expats, professionals and students need medical treatment, but they can only communicate in English, not in Italian. That’s why we’re looking for doctors in all specialities throughout Italy, as well as dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and nurses, who have the skills to relate to these patients.

Italian doctors

Healing comes through understanding.

Communication between doctor and patient is a therapeutic tool that can be just as effective as taking a pill, and can sometimes be even more effective. Hippocrates, the “moral inspiration” for all doctors, said this 2,500 years ago. That’s why we want to break down the language barrier. That’s why we’re building an online platform that gives English-speaking foreigners a way to find a doctor anywhere in Italy who they can understand, and who can understand them.


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Why join Doctors in Italy?


The English language test.

This is not required if you already hold an English-language certification from the British Council. If you are not yet certified, the required test costs less than 50 euros. This is the only cost of joining the Association. The test can be taken at any time, even from your own home, and lasts 45 minutes.

British Council

To certify and promote the genuine English-language knowledge of the Association’s doctors, we have chosen the professionalism and reliability of a British institution with more than 80 years of experience in language teaching and evaluation. It operates in 110 countries around the world.

Who has already joined Doctors in Italy?

Our members are highly qualified Italian doctors. They have chosen to remain and work in our country to use skills that are the equal of any of their international colleagues. We’re proud to have these doctors on our team. We look forward to welcoming you too.

Dr. Sara Pietracupa

Dr. Sara Pietracupa

Dr. Federica Scalabrino

Dr. Federica Scalabrino

Dr. Edina Zere

Dr. Edina Zere

Dr. Filippo Bellati

Dr. Filippo Bellati

Dr. Massimo Pezzatini

Dr. Massimo Pezzatini

Dr. Gaetano Luca Panetta

Dr. Gaetano Luca Panetta

Dr. Mikiko Watanabe

Dr. Mikiko Watanabe

Dr. Nicola Petrocchi

Dr. Nicola Petrocchi

Dr. Pietro Sollena

Dr. Pietro Sollena

Dr. Stefano Ricci

Dr. Stefano Ricci


About us

Doctors in Italy was founded in 2013 as an outpatient medical service for English-speaking patients who do not speak Italian. The service expanded rapidly, and currently provides medical care to many embassies, universities and international institutions. In 2016, we were awarded a tender by a UN agency to provide medical assistance to staff members and consultants. In 2018, Doctors in Italy became the first Italian association for English-speaking doctors.

Chi siamo

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is made up of people who uphold and strengthen the values that guide the work we do every day. These are people – not exclusively doctors – with extraordinary skills and leadership roles in a society that we hope is becoming increasingly international and dedicated to human understanding.

Raffaele Antonelli Incalzi

Prof. Raffaele
Antonelli Incalzi

Professor of Geriatrics, President of the Italian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Monica Maggioni

Dr. Monica

Journalist - Rai Com CEO

Anindya Ghose

Prof. Anindya

Lecturer at New York University, a global authority on the mobile economy

Ravi Bapna

Prof. Ravi

Lecturer at the University of Minnesota, specialising in Analytics and Information Systems

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